The Birth of the Big Red Meat Wagon

One day while chowing down lunch at a local fast-food joint, three bored Husker fans had an idea that soon took over their lives (as well as everyone they knew; spouses, co-workers, family members, numerous businesses, neighbors and sometimes, complete strangers.)

It started simply enough, with the tired idea of mounting a grill, coolers, and some chairs on a trailer. This was to be used to tailgate in comfort without cluttering up and destroying one of their vehicles. But being bored and somewhat creative, the three fans decided to devote an entire vehicle to the quest of building the ultimate Big Red tailgating machine.

The only question was what kind of vehicle? Bread van? Lots of room, but its been done. School bus? Also done. Airport shuttle-bus? Not quite what we were looking for but definitely unique. Flatbed truck? What about those rainy fall games? These three were stumped and relegated to going back to the grill on a trailer idea. When out of nowhere, came the idea that would turn into the Big Red Meat Wagon.

While back home visiting in Madison, NE, one of our loyal Husker fans happened upon an Ambulance for sale. Thus the birth of the Big Red Meat Wagon. They had finally found the vehicle that would be ideal. Unique, great storage, built in keg cooler, functioning light bars, sirens, spotlights, electrical outlets, & a freaking PA system. What more could the well-rounded tailgater need? Um, apparently a bunch! At least that’s what their bank accounts showed (sorry wives)!! And that is also what brought around the inclusion of a couple of more Husker fans, and one brief encounter with a V i r g i n i a T e c h fan (he was related…notice the past tense there.)

The changes and improvements were fast on the drawing board but slow to institute. And yes, they went over the top. Was pine wood tongue and groove flooring with a replica of Memorial Stadium (College Football Mecca to the uninformed) necessary? No, but they did it anyway. Were 30” tall Husker & Blackshirt stickers needed? No, but they’re on the rig now. Does a tailgate party really need a keg cooler? Wait, YES on that one and it is there. Does a tailgate party really need Satellite TV, surround sound, DVD, CD player, and a 6 foot inflatable Lil’ Red doll? Nope, but they have it all.

As an ongoing project, the wives of the above mentioned Husker fans (here out to be known as Wagoneers) are petrified at some of the ideas that have been floating around, apparently they don’t see the beauty of a $3,000 pull behind grill/smoker (that’s how we got started in the first place,) or the need to install a periscope…that’s right a PERISCOPE, neon undercarriage lighting, water cannon, fold out awning, our own Weiner slinger (you have to have been to a NU home game to understand this one…)

and the list goes on and on and on.....…